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Your posts for All seasons were such a delight to view and read. You can be proud of yourself taking special care of your post! What a joy to share Christmas together in this way!



Turning my favor to ask, I would be thrilled if you SEND this
All Seasons post by phone or email, etc. to at least 2 people
or two families who are in need of hearing/seeing this
(that is, if it’s not offensive to you. Do not worry,
I won’t check up on you or ask you about it)

As a psychologist I know that usually December
is the month people sink into a depression
or take their lives. Since this year has been so hard,
I expect it to be increased this December. People
can use any encouragement right now!

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Sunday December 20 to Wednesday December 23
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Even If you don’t feel like it. Even though you
rather stay in bed, I can promise you that if you
celebrate, Your noroprhenephrine levels will
increase and you will feel more joyful.



Making Christmas Quiche from scratch does it for me.
When I put the batter in the fridge, (Recipe – click HERE)
an expectancy comes over me, that tomorrow,
Christmas day, will be a good day, even if my
breakfast quiche does not turn out
the way I hope for, or the whole day
will be a black mess.


As long as there is heat, you will be fine.
If not, look up a family who has the stove burning.

Pay them a surprise visit.
Don’t be alone for Christmas, even if you have
to put up with whiny Uncle Bob or finicky Aunt Lilly.


How about dinner? It does not need to be turkey,
or an elaborate, or expensive meal. Eat something
that is festive to you, with a zippy drink.


Outside it maybe icy, bleak, or even horrendous,
but you can take it,
when you have celebrated the birthday
of the newborn King.
He will never abandon you or leave you.
Things will turn out better in the end,
and it started on December 25th.



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    1. Veronica, as soon as I wrote your name I was reminded on your horrid introduction to the dumplings! Hope your Christmas will be all the love and celebration you want it to be!


  1. Thank you for hosting this wonderful party! And I love the points you make. I’ve tried to tell family and people I know to make each day special even though it’s different during the pandemic. I would have to say….no surprise visits though! I would need to visit through the glass of the front door if someone came and that just wouldn’t seem as good. Enjoy your week! holiday hugs!


    1. Diane, sorry, for a moment I forgot not everyone is as lucky as the Texans to have no restrictions for visitors. In the Netherlands they instituted a lock down for the last two weeks of Dec., and they can be together with 2 people! I wonder what families do?


  2. I would not have believed back in March that we would still be living under the shadow and sorrow of Covid. So many people around the world will be without their loved ones. It is so tragically sad. I wish you and yours a happy and healthy Christmas. And all the best for 2021. Take care


    1. Marietta, am happy for you your surgery is successful, and you will be able to see much better. That’s a great Christmas gift in itself:) Christmas blessings to you and your hubby!


  3. Very good advice.
    I like the quiet things at Christmas, wreaths, ornaments, and enjoying quiet company. Away with busyness, its a time of quiet, pleasant contemplation. Unless there is a child around. I love seeing children enjoying Christmas.


    1. I had to smile about you loving also quiet company:) We all have heard of Christmas dramas instead of celebrations. Have a memorable and celebratory time on Christmas day!


  4. Your Christmas table is filled with goodies & warm thoughts. Wishing Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones ❤


    1. Riitta, thank you for these precious wishes:) I hope you will be able to celebrate Christmas with the rest of your family! Glanced at all your Christmas posts – you are amazing to fn so many things relevant to Christmas.


    1. Wished we still had the woodburning stove (when we lived in the forest of North Calif. – in Texas it is too warm for a woodburning stove).
      We have done both – the former elaborate meals, but more recent, we are invited by our children. Now they’re far away, it will be a simple brisket with Reuben potatoes, sauerkraut, carrots, and cranberries. A Christmas hug back to you:)


    1. First, our Christmas will be very blessed, because of the reason for this feast, but I like to wait with a new beginning until the president will be inaugurated in mid January. Don’t know how much Europe has heard about this election, but it has been a huge battle, much evil has risen to the top, and it’s not over yet. Thank you, for your kind comment about the candle:)

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