To the point is not meant to be edgy or aggressive,
but more like “this is the reason
for the day of Christmas…”

There was this store across from Peets Coffee in my
old neighborhood  near Sacramento
that had the most beautiful displays for Christmas.
The ornaments were a little steep,
but their unusual-ness made me reach
deeper in my pocket than normal…..



Wordless Wednesday



Pastel, Four Days Old, © St Germain

However, the point is that Christmas is not
about all the beautiful displays and Christmas
trees, sleighs, or reindeer…

the point is that is about a baby being born,
coming down from heaven and announced by
a choir of angels by shepherds in the field.
Born to save mankind..
Whose birthday we celebrate on December 25th.

The baby in my pastel was only 4 days old.
His face still bearing the marks of his birth.
Adored by his parents, for their first try
had ended in a miscarriage.
One Word Sun: Soon, Timeless Thurs.


Poinsettia’s last year in the stores were peach
colored and started painting this Poinsettia,
since in the past, I had painted a red one.
Time got away from me, because the pears
(I added) took more time than I expected.
So this year, I am at the moment painting
to finish this lovely Poinsettia.
Makro-Tex:memories, FOTD, Floral Fri Foto


It was a while before it dawned on me that
there is a reflection in my mirror:) It is my
painting “In His Presence,” which i printed
out to a business card.
Weekend Reflection


Watercolor, Half Dome, Nat. Park, © Jesh St Germain

The point is that this event is comparable
to the highest mountain I painted,
Sky Watch



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  1. Beautiful photos, and reminder of why we celebrate each year, this time of year. Love was born….Love stayed for a bit…then Love had to go…but oh, how wonderful what He left for us. Merry Christmas…


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