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Never thought this image would belong
to my memories. Enough of a view
to make one nostalgic, eh? Hubs did
an excellent job in conveying the mood.


Christmas cacti blooming. These ones behave
nicely, not blooming in November or February:)



Tired of wearing summer socks that are too thin,
or bulky ones for winter boots. Needed something
with an in between thickness..
My first socks from the leg down to toes.



The bucket stands always ready, for it needs
to be filled up every two hours.


Snow melting are for ingenious patterns
nature makes


In this weather, I avoided painting in the studio
barn. Guess I was still too much a city person
to seek “roughing it!”



In a way I am happy 2020 has passed this week.
It was a little too much craziness for me.
Am sure, some of you will think or say the same.
That’s why I express my
gratitude with lots of noise and colors
in this fire work:)
Photo taken by hubby.



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  1. That’s a very lovely portrait of you Jesh!

    I am impatiently waiting for this year to be over. Hopefully 2021 will be better.

    May the stars shine upon your life in the new year and fill you with God’s blessings!


  2. I had to laugh – winter pleasures – while here it is 38 Celsius. Those winter pleasures sure do look inviting right now. Enjoy. Stay safe and hears to 2021!


  3. These photos are lovely! I especially like the first one. I bought a Christmas cactus for the first time this year…I got a few blooms and then it just stopped.


    1. Thank you much,Traudel. Hope you were able to see your family for Christmas? My son told the color for Covid was now orange/red, so he couldn’t visit his friends in Germany! Then, the Netherlands had a lockdown these weeks too!
      Hope you will still add an image for all Seasons (hope you remember, anything goes:):) )

      Liked by 1 person

    2. We had a “klein aber fein” Christmas celebration with our son and grandson. If everybody has done this, the numbers will go down, but honestly I don’t have much hope.


    3. How cute, we have the same expression in Dutch! Good for you kept the rules, but it’s almost undoable for a couple with one child, because that’s already 3.
      Could not believe it that Fauci (the supposedly American expert) said he is now leaning to the herding method as they do in Sweden!!
      He can’t make up his mind, or he wants to appease too many people. Never seen such an ambivalent medical doc!


    4. In Germany we can /could be five people from two households, kids under 14 don’t count. On Christmas Eve you were allowed 5 more persons, I am not sure about the numer of households. It’s possible, when you think about the consequences. Sweden already said that their method wasn’t good. But who are we to blame them.


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