Refuse to let 2020 just fizzle out. We are
going out with a bang! It has been too crazy
and too challenging of a year.
In the end, finally, the height of Fall in Texas!



From not quite Fall with a reflection of a puddle
on our trip
from West coast to close to the East Coast
Weekend Reflection, Sat Critters



What to remember and what not, what to keep or throw away, does not seem only a personal problem, but also that for towns and cities. The roof is already off, but I wonder every time we come by there, why this house is still standing there.




Floral Fri Foto, FOTD


To a glorious red of this maple at the end
Der Natur Donnerstag, Sun Tree



A scary looking Clown on the first winter break
vacation day for the kids.
Timeless Thursday




Am reveling in the fact I got my desk
so quickly organized before January!-
a painters desk
with about 60 brushes as you can see
Makro-Tex – January


To the V outline of these clouds of victory
Sky Watch


To remember …. and trumpeting in 2021

Wordless Wednesday

Thanks to All the Hosts

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14 thoughts on “2020 REMEMBERED

  1. My new years resolution is to clean off my desk, and clean out my entire office. It’s going to require getting rid of some things I’m attached to, but it needs to be done. Happy New Year to you!


  2. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos with us. They are frameable! I also love your attitude toward celebrating the new year. Yes!!! Let’s send 2020 off with a bang!


    1. Spent some time at your blog – it feels like I’m coming into your circle of friends! Much the same way thinking as I do, but I have been holding off on purpose, to avoid not venturing out to others:) We will be the salt and light for our friends on the fence in 2021


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