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A retrospect of a walk in Senora, CA last August

Since several are still posting Christmas things,
I thought I’ld join the club:). This town is Senora,
CA, with many cabins of vacationers,
and second houses. Where we lived
for about 6 weeks. Am not sure about
having Christmas decor all year long …


This seal in a tiny park where we walked by.
It drew my attention …


To get a better look. Since some letters are obliterated
by the weather, I’ll tell you what it says
“The Great Seal of the State California.”


We were hunting for doors,
but in this street, the cars were all parked
in front of the buildings,
and I liked this second story….


If you ever hunted for doors, you know it’s easy
to get distracted … especially if your neighbor
has served in the Persian Gulf.


Back to my endeavor to look for doors:)
Paying attention to the second story
becomes a fetish …(joking)


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  1. I must say I took a LOT of pics of doors and windows and balconies during our trip to Spain & Italy in 2018, so I can understand completely the fettish or obsession. I’ve been meaning to put them all into a book. Stay safe and healthy and happy to you and yours in 2021.


  2. The second-story shootfest was a great idea and it produced nice results. Once you can get out and about in Texas I think you will find some nice street shots for your camera and artistic eye. I loved Fredericksburg with its tiny German cottages. We got our first Moderna COVID vaccine yesterday, We expected a crowd scene witlh long lines of people waiting in the sun, but instead had a very pleasant experience at Cleveland Clinic with no waiting at all and very comfortable place to sit for 15 minutes to be sure we did not react badly. Not even a sore arm this morning. Happy New Year!


  3. Hi – lovely French doors and building
    Also – don’t often see a gulf war memorial so that was cool
    The seal did show the weathering and fit so well in with the colors and vibe of the post
    Happy new year


    1. Yvette, wow you’re fast, I posted this a minute ago! Thank you, for your New Year’s wish. Senora was my second home in that crazy (last) year. Hope we will live in the third one in Texas, more than a year! How have things been for you in December?

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Oh did I catch it that quick? And I did not feel like I “raced” through the post either – but I guess I did read quickly…. lol
      So am I right that you will be moving in Texas??


    3. And things here have actually been nice – Virginia is not too bad kf a place to live compared during COViD – feel bad for NY and CA
      We took a short trip to see step daughter and her family and that was awesome – got to see my niece also and so still thanking God for that appointment too


    4. Covid (disease) wise California is not doing that bad, but the spiritual disturbance is felt spiritually (at least i did). all the time. It was a long adjustment, after having lived in CA for 35+ years, but I felt a spiritual relief right away. How old is our daughter? Does she live on her own or is she married? (Because your sons still live with you, right?) Gpd is merciful to enable us to have some appointments:)

      Liked by 1 person

    5. Hi – my step daughter has been Marie’s since 2013 and they have two – both of my boys are over 21 and live on their own – so we are empty nesters – son 2 moved to Texas earlier this year and has been liking it – and we now have a new brown lab – adopted him this spring – 3 years old and such a mellow pup

      What about you? Will Texas bring you closer to family? Are you painting every day?


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