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A few doors on the main street in Sutter Creek, a small goldrush town, a stone throw away from where I used to live in Northern California. They still have the same street as in the 1950ties. It is visible. The buildings are not in a straight line, and each built in a different style.. It looks like the street follows the houses with dips and all.


What I forgot to tell is that all the buildings on this street
are businesses and eating places.


These law offices are not on main street, but still very visible, and higher than the street. Their sidewalk was too close to the doors to fit my camera view. These are all captures of last year (2019).

Thurs. Doors

17 thoughts on “DAN ANTION’S THURSDAY DOORS – Jan. 2021(1)

    1. Thank you Natalie. Went to your blog, and was not sure if you post linking to the coffee share was for Thursday Doors? Loved the stately renaissance style buildings!


  1. This is a very good collection. I really like the doors at Memorial Hall. I also like eclectic streets that don’t follow a pattern and where all the doors don’t conform to a standard. I think having a “50’s” feel to it probably makes it a pretty interesting street to walk down. The glass in the second door is cool. It’s hard to tell if the pattern is in the glass, or applied for the holidays.


    1. Thank you Dan:) Of course, you won’t have to deal with that, but to the ladies I would say to leave your high heels at home. Have seldom walked on such an uneven sidewalk as here on Main Street, Looking at the pattern of the glass of the second, I would say those are permanent squiggles, because all the shops have a natural feel to it, without all the modern stuff it would have in the city..

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    2. How women walk in heels – you start early with tiny heels, and work it up to a high heel. I had two brothers, so I wanted heels. The least 10 years though, there are so many great styles without heels that I’ve taken the comfortable route, lol!

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  2. I’ve only driven through it. Now that Baby Girl has moved in the other direction I don’t pass the turnoff to Sutter Creek anymore. It’s nice to have your images to look at.

    That first door is so nice with the columns and holiday decorations.


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