IN TEXAS there is no snow in winter, but luckily I took many snow images
to keep me reminded how it was to live in the forest at 3000 feet.
The above was my original text! What do you know?
on Sunday 9 am it started SNOWING and
it snowed all day long – a very fine powdery snow!

 Snow is on the country side is a treat
Sunday Tree, Der Natur Donnerstag



Blast of the past

Two of the oddest things I learned when moving from
the city to the forest. There are certain “burn days.”
The burning of leaves, wood, branches. The only thing
needed is a permit (one phone call) and call the
Fire Department you are burning leaves today.
These fires often burn for longer than a day, so you need to be prepared to have a water hose close by, and a shovel |
to throw dirt on the fire when it goes out of hand.
The first time was nerve wrecking (what if I burn down the forest?), but one gets used to it!
Also it helps that on those days usually several people are burning wood. The fun thing is you smell several smells in the neighborhood (each wood has its own smell when burning).

The other little tidbit is about the image below. In front we had several of these Manzanita trees (below) with pretty red trunks. We were warned that you NEVER put this in your wood stove. This wood gets so hot that it explodes. You would not want to set your house on fire!
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Textiles for vacation (am already thinking about it, haha)



1994 and now I’m retired. To be a Doctor was
quite a different role than to be a graduate student

PS Recently there was someone who thought Jill Biden was not a real doctor
and should not call herself that way, because she was not a medical doctor,
but had her doctorate in Education.

Even though I agree that her dissertation was not the best,
this guy showed his ignorance though, because a doctorate
is a DEGREE, not a specification of study. So everyone
with a doctoral degree is “a doctor,”
not only one who has studied medicine! 
I think I deserved it, having had experience
in 5 types of facilities, and a full time year at the end,
comparable to a medical residency.
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My co-author for images.
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Obviously a capture of hubby.
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31 thoughts on “WINTER DAYS – JANUARY 2021

  1. Your photos are lovely. Nice seeing you graduating too! 🙂 We moved to a rural area this year and got ourselves a burn barrel. It was nerve wracking at first for sure! Life is simpler here in the country! 🙂


    1. Oh, I miss the forest where we used to live at 3000 feet, and life is much simpler. But sometimes also lonely. Hard to find people with common interests.


  2. in new jersey, they say we get snow, and we have had some real blizzards in past years. but in the last few, we have not gotten any snow, nothing…and i am a snow lover!!

    my son is a pharmacist and considered a doctor. i didn’t know he would have that title until he graduated from college, it is quite the honor!!

    we are not allowed to burn in this area, the red wood is quite pretty!!


  3. Hello,
    I love the smell of a wood fire, we have a wood burning stove. It is great! Pretty Columbine flowers. The sky shot is pretty. I like the goose photo. I think women should be respected, whatever their title! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, enjoy your weekend! PS, thank you for the visit and comment.


  4. Thanks´fotr this cool post with many intersstinfgs shots !
    It is nice to see you also into the “Natur-Donnerstag ”
    Warm regards from Germany


  5. Hi – that tree photo is cool and good to know which type of wood to not use
    Also – the control burns are interesting
    Lastly – how rude to say that about Jill Biden
    And I think her doctoral degree is robust – my pet peeve are the honorary one for famous or rich people – but not judging
    Also, not sure about her degree but I do know that when I was in grad school – some students left the PhD track to do the EdD track because it did not require as much research and had a different path.
    So some doctoral degrees are very specific and the EdD is really for educational
    Leadership and admin.
    Anyhow – I think it is normal for folks to not know much about the doctoral degrees and not know about certs and licensure – but to be so mocking of someone shows ignorance and is just rude


    1. I concur! Since I went to s training for psychology, the only division was Psy.D and PhD. The funny thing was, I started just to get a Masters, but when I had it, I was enjoying it so much, with all those interesting courses I wanted to take, that my thought was, what the heck, why not go to the end. Good, I did, because I could not have practiced and provided therapy with a masters:) Have not regretted it for a minute.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Thanks for sharing that! And I am glad we have crossed paths in blog land – it is nice to get to know you more and more in little amounts as God leads


  6. No snow where you are now, but you’re longing for it? We get snow here, and it can be pretty, but overall I’m pleased when I don’t see it in the winter.

    I like your explanation of why Dr. Jill Biden is a doctor. I knew this. You knew this. But I have to wonder if the guy who claimed to not understand this was *perhaps* just trying to stir up controversy. For the heck of it, you know?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ally, I smiled. That would be a question you would ask! A good possibility he really didn’t know, or just stirring up controversy. But when I read the small excerpt of her dissertation, it got uncomfortable. My English is my second language, so I am not in the 90% of brilliancy, but those sentences were clearly poorly constructed. She must have had poor “readers” (for a dissertation, you need at least three doctors who read and edit your transcript before it is signed off and goes to the publisher.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Interesting assessment of the dissertation. I earned a M.A. and ended there. I’ve never read a dissertation and didn’t know that 3 doctors reviewed one. Not sure any of it matters in the long run. Just another tempest in a teapot.


    3. I have always felt that there was more to you than a run of the mill house wife who liked to chat (not that there would be something wrong, if you were), but you have – for lack of better description – a distinctive edge about you:) and hope you never lose that!

      Liked by 1 person

    4. Thank you! For people who like edge, I’m a good friend. For those who worry about my free-spiritedness, I’m a weirdo. I can live with both, of course. So it goes…


  7. Gorgeous sky! I never knew that about manzanita. I see them, and their dead wood branches, quite often when out hiking in Joshua Tree. I wonder if it would be a problem using their branches in a camp fire? I especially like to photograph manzanita when the bark is peeling, which I think happens once yearly.


    1. What a beautiful set of images you have for us.
      Totally agree on the doctor thing although I have a couple of European professors tell me that they prefer “Professor” over doctor. I just call people what they want to be called. I have relatives who we used to call Mormons but in accordance with the wishes of their church I call such members “Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints” When I was a kid in Mormon country if you met somebody new, they would ask “Are you LDS?”
      I love the wood reference. When I was a kid up in the mountains everybody burned pine. Turns out that is bad because of the creosote. What do you do.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Ah, now the truth comes out, eh? (kidding) Our wood stove was also not in the center of the room, but against one of the walls. It’s so much colder without it. We have the heater set on 68, but it feels 10 degr. lower.

      Liked by 1 person

    3. LOL! I’m going to text you a photo of my fireplace. 😀
      Baby Girl and her hubby have two wood stoves in their living room. They heat their whole house nicely. Several times they would open the door to cool it off.

      I start the day with it at 70 then it drops to 68 for the rest of the day and once more in the evening I have it on to 70 then it shuts down to 55 for the night. I’m always cold in the house so wear layers and have blankets nearby.


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