How is the New Year treating everyone? Many heartfelt thanks for your lovely, beautiful, and witty posts last week. The rest point in my week to view and read your fun posts!
Really need to keep my thoughts off the current mess in this country.

I know God will work this out, but I have to keep my attention on what He will do, and forgive the ones who want this to become a lawless and communistic country.


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The moves last year made me think a great deal about the value of things. What makes it worth keeping one object, and when do I decide to bring something to the Goodwill store?

I really don’t “need” many of the things I keep. Many things I keep because of convenience.
For example, I whittled down my skillets to 3:
small, a little bigger, a huge one with a waffle iron bottom.
Then I first bought another huge one, where a whole meal
fits in, and after another month one for meat,
because the huge one was too big.

A better sounding reason would be: is it functional? Since last winter we had at least 5 power outages, and have used my Dutch hand crank coffee mill 5 times!

The most compelling reason how much value anything you and society to keep or abandon, you may guess, is because of the connection to the experience of an event or relationship, or emotions.


A cool Steam machine that now only runs at particular times



Santa Fe wagons trailing behind



A view of looking through to the future.
Who knows I need this again?



The rural community is creative in thinking about how
to make money. They tend to keep everything,
but it has to do with their inventiveness in business.
This one has new and used items.



Do I throw or give away, because several to my set
are missing or broken? Will I go for an instant fix,
and/or be fashionable?

Are there items you absolutely will not give away,
and will keep for the rest of your life?
I have some paintings and jewelry in this category.
How about you?



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  1. I have stuff I will never use, but keep because it was my mother’s or my mother-in-law’s. I know I should donate it for other people to use, but I can’t seem to let go.
    Have a blessed day!


  2. Those bowls are still nice. I’d keep them and use them til all broken and or chipped then toss them and replace them with something new you like.

    I recently gave Baby Girl a stock pot because I had two and really just need one and they didn’t have one like it. I only have 3 skillets. I use the little teflon coated one the most to make my eggs in. It’s only for eggs. That’s extravagant isn’t it. 😀


  3. I like having my things around me, Jesh. Either because they are useful, or beautiful, or make life more comfortable; or alternatively because they are powerful reminders of the past: People, places, situations…
    (Yes, keep the bowls!)


  4. My parents were from the era when you had to make do, and didn’t throw away anything. That seems to have rubbed off on me, because I am a hoarder, but my Aunt told me that my whole family were hoarders, so not to fight it. I don’t think my husband agrees, as I start to accumulate yet another art project I want to experiment with. I love those colourful bowls. I wouldn’t throw them out! Have a good week and stay safe.


  5. My keep forever items are usually things that add value to my life and are irreplaceable…my violin, my grandmother’s ring (I actually have one from each grandmother and will pass them down to my daughters), a painting my mom did, a painting my brother did, a table my husband made. If something is somewhat replaceable and I no longer need it…out it goes!


  6. I love those bowls!!!!
    We downsized 8 years ago, but I notice that “stuff” is creeping back in. That’s not a bad thing, I am enjoying finding new things.


  7. Love these old trains. Somehow they reminds me of old “Western” films.
    Really hope some wise and brave people get your country out of this mess. Don’t know if God can do anything with stupid people…
    Yes, I am a very free-speaking person. Wish you all the best for the coming week!


  8. So true! We face the possibility (but not the probability) of a move back to the DFW Metroplex. Decision is expected within the next week or so. We face the problem of accumulated “stuff” which we have collected over the years. When I was in the Service all our moves were paid for, so we paid little attention so long as we had a place to store thinkgs we did not need. I am always thankfulthat I have a collection of tools, screws and fasteners when I need on, as it saves me from driving to the hardware store. However, we maintained our second home icondo in illinois for ten years, and everythin I needed was in a hand-carried toolbox. When we sold the place we gave everythin away and never looked back. Only needed the clotheson our backs and checked luggage plus one box of clothing which we shipped back to Florida for about $100, prabably liitle less than the value of the contnets. Well, we will see whether it is time to finally start cleaning out the garage!


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