Santa Barbara is a bit of a drive (4 hrs.) from Los Angeles where we lived at that time, but totally worth it.
Big enough to have good shopping, a book store to park and have a cold drink, and visiting the harbor is a delight (with good weather of course.
We started visiting Santa Barbara when San Diego became too trafficy on July 4th.


Should have pointed my camera more to the right!
But still … it’s a Dutch door



A delightful simple residential door,
close to BookStar on Main Street


Driving on the road



In the harbor, listening to a big group singing with
ukeleles, while soaking up the sun in the harbor.
A second  look revealed the cabinet doors
on this boat.


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    1. Santa Barbara became known in the haydays of the hippies (60ties and 70ties), as did other towns in California..But it does not look like an old or abandoned town – the university probably keeps it alive and young:)

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  1. I haven’t been to Santa Barbara since 1979. Between 1977 and 79, I’d been there twice for business and twice more for vacation. I did like the town. Great photos. I like that first picture. That’s a cozy little spot. I guess too cozy for covid. I also like the boat doors, always a favorite of mine.

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    1. Hello Cee, sorry I keep forgetting to link to FOTD, but it’s still on my memes/challenges list! That you visited Santa Barbara, does that mean you once lived in California? Of course I don’t know how it looked like 40 years ago, but any time, there are a number of tourists there, and during lunch time the patios are filled with university students.

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    2. Thank you Dan. That was a long time ago! I love the weather there. It’s not as dry in LA, and lots of shady places. Not to forget great eating places without breaking he bank!!!

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    3. Thank you Dan. Santa Barbara never gets boring. I love the atmosphere in the town. Every time wheb we went there, we also went to Solvang, to still my hunger for European desserts, lol.

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