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Last year we had snow at Thanksgiving!
Looking down from the deck: the stairs from right to left, and descending to the studio barn.
Also, rocks framing the steps to the gazebo.


Snow shadows when the sun is trying to penetrate
my patch of land.



Our House deep in snow. The gas tank is
sticking out in yellow.





No matter whether it is winter or summer, this delicious savory crepe
is filling enough and my favorite
for a lunch.

Makro-Tex: delicious



Really miss my wood stove, now I live in the suburbs. The house heater is just a smidgen of heat compared to the heat of the woodstove. The upside: no more cutting wood:)



WOW on Wordless Wenesday
ire wood for Wednesday

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Inside my winter bloomer  – the lipstick plant –
in front of the window
FOTD, Floral Fri Foto



Reflection on my studio window
Weekend Reflection


This skyline fills my eyes,
I have nothing else to wish for!
Sky Watch, One Word Sunday


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15 thoughts on “WINTER DETAILS

  1. That’s a beautiful reflection!
    Regarding the restaurant location. It’s on Marine Ave. which is basically Balboa Island’s main street. If you were standing in front of Starbuck’s(which is now permanently closed) the restaurant would be across the street two buildings to the left.


  2. A great collection of photos. As a kid, for a while we lived in Price, Utah and we heated the house with coal. There was a big furnace in the basement fed by an automatic stoker activated by the thermostat. We had a big room filled with coal and my brother and I took turns filling up the stoker every night.

    Then we moved to the White Mountains of Arizona in a house we heated with wood. We would saw, split, and stack wood all summer and it would be gone in a month so then we had to work in the snow. It is true a wood fire warms you twice, once when you burn it and when sawed, split, and stacked it. I look at a wood fire and just get tired.


    1. Alan your life began work-intensive! I can imagine you would prefer central heat. And no wonder, part of the reason we moved back to the suburbs was because Hubby told me, that his work was never done, and also still wanted to do some other things in life but work! Thanks for sharing:)


    1. Thank you Keith. Maybe you know (or not) that I am originally from Holland and we had snow every winter, but that was more than 35 years ago, so it was almost like a “new” thing again when starting to live in North California. Maybe you should move (kidding)!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. The only advantage here is that our temps. here are much higher, so it has melter by now on Wednesday! Never sell your woodstove:) Unless you get another one, of course!


  4. It’s about like that here in VA now. Your lunch looks delish. So happy for our woodstove.


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