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To get out of the humdrum of thinking of a car as transportation, let us see if there are other ways to get around!



Like in the old days, but kinda cool


This was my way to get to school in 5-6th grade,
and for my art classes at the teachers college



More for recreation, but when your back yard ends
with a river, this would be a fun way to get into town,
like our friends in the Netherlands used to do.



In my college days this is how I got to school and work in the Hague,
a pretty large city.



To visit some of my friends I needed to make use
of the ferry.


My favorite is the bike.
Often in a big city in the USA it would be hard to abide by that, since it sometimes can be even somewhat dangerous, because cars don’t see you, or do not give you the space, or give you the right of way.
In that, the Netherlands and other European countries give more leave way, have bike paths,  and specific traffic rules for bikes.
What’s our favorite mode of transportation?


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  1. hmm..favourite transport…of course by 4WD so we can explore our amazing country. By boat if it is along a peaceful river, not in the rough ocean. Certainly not by plane at the moment….I’ve never been much of a bike rider, and I would like to canoe if I had one…. we went up in a balloon once – it was fun, except for the landing. When I was younger I gave outrigger paddling a go – hard work! Safe travels whatever mode of transport you use! And have a good week. .


  2. When I was in the Netherlands, Jesh, I had a bike and went everywhere on it. I loved the special bike paths all over and enjoyed that mode of transportation very much. Nice series of images!


  3. Nice photos of modes of transportation. I think back to when I was growing up. You could walk from home to just about anywhere in town or even the neighboring towns. I still like walking but need the car for just about anything to eat or need that isn’t in our closets or garage.

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    1. Thank you Jackie:) In the Netherlands I traveled regularly by train, but have never tried it out in the USA (too busy with working!) . So, that needs to be added to my bucket list then!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I hear you! How has it been for you doing the covid time, meaning work wise? Were you able to fly at all? Yes, I am antsy too o travel “somehere!” Hopefully it will happen this year:)

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