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Love these colorful reflections.  Zilker Park’s botanical Garden in Austin, TX could not be more different
for the Huntington Library gardens in Pasadena, CA.
The buildings in the latter are stately,
as well as the entrance much more official.
There are nowhere leaves on the ground
or on the grass, the borders are
carefully manicured, and the
the themes for the gardens are separated
by continent or subject.
Fri Bliss, Weekend Reflection


Hanging on for dear life.
It is kind of symbolic for this garden.
All the things mentioned in the intro were absent in this park.
It did not bother me,
that this park was also much much smaller.
Only, the noise and views of the city
while walking, was distracting.
Floral Fri Foto, FOTD


The trunks of these dwarf palms were so interesting.
They reminded me on pineapples
Der Natur Donnerstag


There was a whole group of Koi here
Sat Critters



Wordless Wednesday – First Pastel



Hubby put his (expensive) chain saw to work
and cut and stacked this 60+ footer.
Makro-Tex -stack



Rats, Nana has her camera out!


Have known her since birth. Now she is in college,
being a teaching assistant. Am very proud of her!
She would be self-conscious being photographed
while prepping to play, but she didn’t know
I sneaked in the camera.
One Word Sunday: Body


A sweeping Californian sky
Sky Watch



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  1. Hello,

    Your grandchildren are cute! I love the pile of wood in the snow, the sky shot is lovely. The palms and koi are pretty shots. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, enjoy your day. Have a great new week!


  2. Thank you very much for visiting my site and the lovely comment.
    Yes, I am already trying to design my home the way I want it.
    You have such beautiful pictures and I think the piano picture is the most beautiful.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Greetings Eva

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  3. The dwarf palms look splendid Jesh! We are in the middle of deep winter, staying at home isolated. So not many new photos. Wishing a peaceful weekend.


    1. Thank you Deborah! In reality the pattern of the pineapple is much more pronounced, but I couldn’t come much closer because of the water in front, without the change of falling into it (the water). About the snow, I was very much entertained by the snow falling that whole day.!

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