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Most often one looks out of the window, but at times
looking and peering into a window is worthwhile.
What will the future hold? Am praying something
good is going to happen.
Weekend Reflection


What will the road look like? Where will it lead?
Der Natur Donnerstag, Sky Watch, Tue Travel



Oil, 36 x 36 inch, Spheres of Influence © St Germain

Let me take you a few levels down into the thought world of a painter. The book of The Mountains of Society takes the land of Israel back to the time, after their 40 years in the desert. Coming into their promised land, hey needed to conquer all the “-ites,” ethnic groups that already were living there.

Each represented a certain level of influence of society. Started
this painting I struggled with the concept “mountains.”

This book was so well known and accepted as a “textbook,” I did not want to introduce another concept, and seen as maybe controversial, or false?
In the end I thought, no, this is how I see it, enough of this placating, I have my own opinion. I see is as spheres, not as mountains in society one has to climb.

Am just thankful that not every painting (finished 2019) is this much of a fight. I may still change some things, like maybe making the hand a light yellow.



This Wednesday I combine F (an Alphabetical letter”)
with “Of Wednesday” FOW.

Would be fun to make your own combination!
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Wordless Wednesday, Floral Fri Foto, FOTD

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The day before Thanksgiving last year, was Hubs birthday. 
The next day we would have pumpkin and pecan,
and other pies. What to do?
I saw this interesting label at Trader Joe “French Apple Tart”
Turned out to ve a great choice. It had deliciously refined taste,
and distinguishable from the normal apple pie!



Was blessed to have a whole wall of windows to look out
and see the sky of  Northern California every day.
Sky Watch



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  1. Thanks for the link back to “Nature Thursday”
    Versatile photos and beautiful paintings!
    I am always happy to have you with me at my link party
    best regards


  2. You are a talented artist. I love the blue flower and the skywatch photo.
    I have to tell you that I am totally befuddled by your meme with the W. I have always been kind of slow though.


    1. Thank you Alan! Sorry I was not clear about WOW.
      It’s like a variant of scrabble.
      You pair an alphabetical letter (example: T-from trains) and put it in front of “Of Wednesday”
      (because it’s a Wednesday meme), sooo I end up with T-O-W.
      I called it WOW, because I originally wanted it to be Weather Of Wednesday – W-O-W until someone from Europe wrote me that there were not many words in her language starting with a W.
      Let me know if it is more clear, or even better how you would word it! (Am going through all these rabbit trails, because English is still my second language:))


    1. Hi Laurie, sometimes I like to let people know that it’s very different when painters paint a landscape or something visible, than something like ” a concept.” What is your own favorite flower?


  3. I love the painting, Jesh — and that you added an artist working on something. So many wonderful details. We all have our own mountains to climb — and mountains can be as varied as the climbers. Your concept works perfectly. Hugs on the wing.


    1. Was curious what you would think! Have not quite figured out what is important to writers (my endless list of questions about people -which I needed to have since I was counseling them). In jest: ugh, that word mountains again. Think spheres!


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