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A drive-by near Vacaville, California. In winter
this area is always flooded.



Some lilies close to the water



The outside of the Botanical Garden in Balboa Park, San Diego.
Love so many reflections of the trees.


One of the spurts of water in a circle around the tall fountain,
also at Balboa Park


My ever-so-alert Dutch friend Mariette reminded me these are Azaleas -thank you! They can also be potted flowers.
These are standing close to the water


This view in winter is very close to the N. Entrance of Yosemite Nat. Park


Waterfall Bridalveil in all of its glory at Yosemite Nat. Park

Water and flowers are the two highest on my list,
to look for when I am outside, or in nature.
What about you?



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  1. So many places so beautiful on our Earth to view. Thanks for letting me view through your lens. Like the water spray, and beautiful mountains.


  2. If I had a choice of where to have my home, it would be overlooking water, any water, even a dam would do. And of course lots of flowers in my garden, preferably wild flowers. Take care, stay safe and enjoy your week.


  3. How pretty! We already have wildflowers blooming here on the roadways. I look for birds and animals when I walk…that’s at the top of my list. But flowers, butterflies and mushrooms are neat too. Enjoy your week!


  4. I love looking for unexpected beauty when I’m out in nature. I love how every season offers something different in the way of beauty.

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    1. Haha, I still have around a 1000 pics of California in my archives, lol. One of the reasons why we haven’t been out much yet is because hubby has been repairing necessary things in our house, like replacing 3 toilet bowls, a shower, fixing 3 bad leaks, re-tiling a restroom, tiles on the kitchen counters, framing 2 of my big paintings and putting it on the wall, a light in my paint storage, and one in the garage. Since he has worked in millionaire’s houses, everything has to be up to code and done with utmost precision. Are you getting tired yet? I am, but it’s also the adjustment to the weather. Much more up and down than in CA, so that makes us tired quickly. I know this is an extremely long winded answer, but all we have done are grocery trips, and not much to photograph around my neighborhood.


  5. As much as I love water and flowers I admit that the ducks and waders in the water and the hummingbirds and bees at the flowers do command my attention. I think your heart is still in California. I do miss the mountains of New Mexico despite the occasional blizzards and droughts.

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    1. Ken, we are lucky to have you on board capturing the birds and butterflies, etc. with phenomenal talent! California is still in the forefront of my mind, also because my kids and families live there!


    1. Lisa, this National park is know for 3 massive waterfalls like this. For 18 years straight we went every year for a week to this park, and did much painting here!


    1. Great Shiju! You were not forgotten, but I didn’t want you feel forced to share anything you were not ready, or could not share. Welcome back, blog friend!


    1. You are right, it is the azalea:)
      On and off I miss the weather, the blue sky, and my friends in California, but I could not call myself “homesick.” In several ways life here is easier – financially, and Hubs does not have to take care of 1 1/3 acres of ground, tending the woodstove, etc.
      Have a large archive of photos of California, and hardly any of Texas, so for some time my posts are views of California:) Thank you for asking:):)

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