This stretch on the 5 Freeway, running basically from North to South of California. Close to Los Angeles, where I used to live in the suburbs, there was this treacherous stretch, called the Grapevine.

In the summer a common sight were cars parked on the side because they were overheated.

In the winter sudden drops to freezing conditions made it very slippery and dangerous ascending and descending hill sides. At times they closed the freeway, and you hoped and prayed that it was not when you were driving there at that moment, because it could mean a night in a freezing cold car.



We made the 7 hour trip from Los Angeles several times a year to visit our adult kids and families in Sacramento. This is how it looks like in Fall and Winter, with occasional houses and farms.
Tue Travel



Wordless Wednesday





To drive away the “It’s Wednesday, what now?”
Pair an alphabetical letter with Of Wednesday
Today I do T(trains) Of Wednesday
Now you do your Scrabble WOW

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This is how it looks like in spring
Der Natur Donnerstag,


Roses seem tp fit here, reminding me of the phrase:
“the desert shall bloom like a rose”
Floral Friday Foto, FOTD




Yesterday had our February adventure when going  to the Korean store
(for the first time in Austin), Felt like a stranger, because all the packages were labeled in Korean (which I can’t read), until I at the end discovered
the labels in tiny letters in English on the shelf.
By that time we already had found the rice noodles, fish sauce,
and on left theTamarind (sweet-sour) paste. .Am excited,
because now I can make Pad Thai, one of my two favorite Thai dishes!
MakroTex: February


Timeless Thursday
The time for the tricycles is past for the grands.
They wouldn’t miss it, but Nana does.


Reflection of the sky
Sky Watch, Weekend Reflection. Our World



One Word Sunday –  The largest Painting I painted.
If you like to see enlargements of several parts, click HERE

Oil 10 x 17 feet, The Wedding Feast
©St Germain



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  1. Wow, that is a fantastic painting – just went and looked at the beautiful close ups – what wonderful work.
    I love your photos of California – my sister lived in San Diego for many years so we traveled up and down California often. Happy days!


  2. Excellent photos and the skywatch photo is my favorite. A great perspective. Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend!


  3. Ah, the dreaded Grapevine! So treacherous in the winter months, and like you said, you just hope you don’t get stuck during one of its frequent closures. That’s a beautiful sky reflection!


  4. I have driven on Route 5, but not in California – in Oregon. The traffic near Portland is crazy and I have seen lots of accidents there. What a beautiful painting! You are such a talented artist.


    1. Since I have read some posts on your blog, I am curious what you think of the subject (am not fishing for compliments), but I like know what feelings, etc. it evokes.:)


    1. Since you are from the UK I expected you would like any (good) painting:) Don’t know if I told you I am Dutch, but it was my training in psychology that brought me here, and my kids who married, kept me here (because of course now there are grandkids!)

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Seeing the Wedding feast again makes me so so happy dearest Jesh! It’s a very special painting for me because it’s the first reason why I got to know you 🙂 Also, the grapevine stretch I remember passing by that on our way back North from LA on a hot July afternoon. I am so happy to see that cute Tricycle on that garden! Surely I do miss the times I can still fit in such a cute bike and my Mom will watch over me as I bike around. Sending you hugs dearest Jesh!


    1. Thank you Steve and happy you are back in blogland! It was just not complete without you:) Even though your meme is sometimes a puzzle, not knowing what would fit (just teasing)! But since my early photos are not that good, I spent time in photoshop to work away the heavy shadows. About the painting: that was the reason why we moved from suburbia Los Angeles to the countryside, to build a barn big enough for these bigger paintings! Havea great weekend, Jesh


  6. A 7 hour trip to visit the children … It’s always hard to imagine distances in the USA. After driving 7 hours, I would be past Paris.
    You’ve made a nice colourful painting.
    Greetings from the Netherlands.


    1. Yeah and after 7 hours only in the middle of the state – 5 hours more to the North border. California is considered a small state! One huge thing to get used to (when you think in terms of Europe, its easier to get a grip of the distances:)) Thank you about the painting, not my usual style, but this was the only way I could wrap my head around the subject. Hope it’s not too cold in Friesland:) Jesh

      Liked by 1 person

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