Many thanks for all your lovely posts last week! As always, all of you did a magnificent job!

What happens when there is an ice storm where people hardly can remember the last time it snowed …

Luckily I had published the All Seasons post on Saturday before the ice storm hit and we had no electricity. Even our cell phones did not work (we have solar storage for them).

It seems the wind turbines of the United Nations (??) in the West of the state had frozen up, causing the providers to turn to rolling blackouts. Every time the power came back on, I ran to the computer. so I still could reply to you, Yay!

Happy the ice storm is over, but we are still dealing with the aftermath.
Since already the first day of this storm caused a big pile up of cars and big trucks, where several people died, and 60 people were brought to the hospital, we thought it to be dangerous on the road and stayed inside for 5 days.

Our first shopping trip after, we only could buy cookies, because the shelves for the vegetables, fruit, bread, and  meat were totally empty. Then found the biggest grocery store (Walmart) closed because the pipes had bursted. They promised “next week!”
Checked the Aldi, a small grocery store, and saw a line of people to the corner, waiting. Since we had a slow process of just getting to the stores because of flashing traffic lights, we decided to go home.
Refigured the menu for some “creative” meals next week.  No worries:)


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    These are from last year’s snow in Northern California

You may remember that last year one of the 5 power
outages we had was caused by a 60 feet
tree that fell across the front yard,
on top of the electricity line.


The same tree cut up by hubby’s chain saw. We are such city dwellers that when our son, who lives in Holland
heard his father had purchased one,
he asked to send a photo!


Often deer disappear from he scene when snow comes,
going to lower elevations, so this is one of a kind!


Cannot remember the month, but you can see the blooms in the trees while we got another dump of snow!


Love the stark contrast seen, on the corner of our off-grid street.
Never told you, because that info might have been a little too much for some of you.

(Off grid means: one lane, no paved street but gravel, no street lanterns, no garbage trucks or snow plows are coming by).

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  1. I saw on the news the devastation of Texas and thought of you.

    I am so glad you are safe and sound, Jesh.

    Mother Nature has gone crazy and it’s a scary world where we are living!


  2. It sounds like you had a harrowing few days of discomfort from the arctic blast weather.. A friend of mine that lives in Fort Worth also had no power or water for a few days and had to sleep in her running car for warmth. From what I heard it was oil and gas as well as the wind turbines that failed–none of the equipment was insulated against t the cold, even though this happened once before in 2011? I hope with the federal money Texas will now be given as disaster relief they will correct that fault so this does not happen again!


  3. I’ve been thinking of and praying for everyone in TX this past week…my mom is outside of Houston so she kept me up on all she was dealing with. I’m glad it’s getting warmer there again.


  4. I was thinking about you when the storm hit Texas. What a greeting for a new resident! When we lived in Dallas we had at least one ice storm and usually more every winter. The “black ice” was invisible and created a great hazard. Hearing that quite a few Texans are still involuntarily “off the grid” today. Stay safe!


  5. It is such a worry what happened in the US. So many people affected. I guess we just have to prepare for this to keep happening. It is a worry. Glad you are safe and ok now.


  6. Dearest Jesh,
    Such a sad pile up accident and so many families got hurt; may God support their losses and make them strong for whatever bodily harm they ended up with, to live on with…
    Over the ages we have had such extremes and it can really wreak havoc.
    This also proved to be an eye opener to all those involved with solar panels or windmill turbines; it doesn’t work under such strain.
    We only had rain and lots of dreary dark days but no power outages.
    The behavior of people shopping is strange and we also must consider that delivery of fresh produce by truck got halted for days on end. We both have so much respect for all our truck drivers that are on the road 364 days a year and risking their lives and more for delivering ALL WE PUT IN OUR MOUTH or wear or need for daily life! They sure are HEROES and can’t be compared to the hospital staff that stays indoors in a very protected environment; protected from the environment and from others… and at a much higher pay by not being reimbursed per mile!
    Yes, we all can get by with simpler meals and by using what we got in our pantry and cupboards!
    Stay cozy and sending you sunny hugs, the dreary, dark and rainy days are finally over with.


  7. The Climate has learned how to complain about the way us humans have treated it!
    I have seen pictures from Texas and just can’t imagine what has been like for you all. So hard to imagine from the hot humid Texas that I know.


    1. So true.!At first I I was dumbfounded that this would be possible in Texas. It was called by a journalist as a “once-in-a-gereation” event. For many, their pipes have bursted, because they don’t know you have to let it drip to prevent them from bursting in below zero weather.


  8. OMG what a snowstorm you had! I am glad to hear that you are fine. In Finland lately no snowstorms but in the beginning of February we had some. Hope that there will no more be new snow, want to look forward to spring. Warm greetings, riitta


    1. You made me smile! Have to admit, the snow is much prettier than the bare brown soil! Can imagine that when you live for many months with the white you long to see more of the grass and plants!


    1. Texas is big, Gordon – we are 9 hours from El Paso.Thank you for your concern:) This coming week it’s between 50 and near 70, so I hope the supplies will be able to arrive in a week.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. An ice storm that doesn’t sound good and many people perished in it.
    Without electricity that’s a really bad thing, but it happens. Do you have no backup power for such things?
    But you still show beautiful pictures and I wish you all the best and a nice weekend.
    Greetings Eva


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