Wordless Wednesday, One Word Sunday: Spring Even the austere on- and off ramps of the freeways seem prettier with the sun shining musicians seem to have more energy to do new things …. An Old Dutch (circa 1950) living room of a windmill.A hand sewing machine, and a “modernized” oil lampTimeless Thurs. a few weeks early for egg painting, but makro-Tex needed some pastel colors:) … Continue reading IN – AND – OUTSIDE THE CITY


Your posts last week were delightful, interesting, and fun to read!Many joyful thanks blog-friends! A rocky week, but happy there is still a post with linky list!.Last Tuesday the link list disappeared, because they thought I had not paid, but I did, March 2.Then yesterday, WordPress decided to make the new way of doing things to complete, so I have been scrambling! IF NOT FAMILIAR … Continue reading ALL SEASONS – MEMORIES


Wordless Wednesday, Makro-Tex: Signs of Spring St Paddy’s Day Time for 3 minutes of Scrabble  Pair an Alphabetical Letter (G) of Green with Of Wednesday G-O-W Now, do yours at the Linky (text or photo, open till Friday noon) If you’re not familiar with this linky*Press Click Here (Below, in Blue)*Type your permalink (url-date-title post/)*When you come to From “Web” of “From Files”(you now see the … Continue reading FREDERICKSBURG TEXAS