Hello All Seasoners,
Manny, many thanks for your lovely, beautiful, and interesting posts last week!

Such a harsh beginning of the year this winter, makes me thankful that life has returned for milder weather, and went on Friday two plus hours further than city limits of Austin.
As you might remember and can imagine that having lived in the forest, there was no shopping comparable to the Los Angeles or San Francisco area. In those years I must have lost the estimation one builds up inside
what things cost.

There was this cute tiny store of clothes and hats that shared their space, of a coffee place, where we just had ordered coffee. When browsing, the prices of the clothes seemed reasonable.
Then I saw this cowboy looking hat in blue and yellow and some decorations on the rim in the store window..
Because we were in Texas, I figured I would not fall out of tone with this hat. On a second look, it looked like leather, but looked like fake leather.

No price tag, so I asked the store keeper. They had three of the same in that store. None had a price tag. That should have given me a clue!
So she called the store owner. When I came back to her, she said with a plain face,”It is two eighty nine.” I repeated what she said. “Two eighty nine???”
Then jokingly I ventured, “You don’t mean two hundred and eighty nine, do you??” 

She looked at me through her glasses and seriously nodded,  “Yes, two hundred and eighty nine.”
I dumbfound-edly answered, “Oh, thank you.”
Man, did I lose my estimation ability! It probably was real leather, lol. But why did they make it look like fake leather??
My idea wanting to fit in with Texas culture had suddenly disappeared in a flash, haha.

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The title hints at “show me what you bought!”


We’re going on a shopping trip.
Have not made up my mind, what
to buy. (An image of Hubby for his photo class).
I looked in this window. Do I like something here?



Or do I like some decorative things for the living
room or kitchen? (Don’t I blend nicely in
with the sunflowers?)


KInda like that dragonfly …
But where do I hang it?
What about the butterflies or umbrellas then?


Have to admit, I like these bright birds


Maybe I am the more practical type,
who is drawn to something that has
a function like a rustic clay vase or pot …
Do you see, I’m not the only one with a camera,
hunting for images?


Or never enough to wear (doesn’t every
female say that?),
like a poncho or a hat? (This was not the
same location as of my story above!)


Who knows, I really don’t need anything,
but like to hear some music instead on this trip!
Save money that way too, lol.
The years living on the countryside
really has changed me. Before, living in the suburbs
I never, ever, came home without buying something!

Do you ever come back home without buying something?

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  1. going shopping with your camea is much cheaper than going shopping with your wallet! Looks like you found plenty to photograph. Have a great week, enjoy the start of spring, and stay safe and well. And thank you again for the link up.


  2. Shiju I am one of those women who like to shop at the store’s location! Especially with clothes, I want to know which material they used, so I know it will wrinkle after the laundry.My oldest daughter is the opposite, she does not want to go to the store and does most of it on-line. I have no problem to not buy something when it’s too expensive. Have to stay within my budget, lol.


    1. Thank you Nick. I didn’t know there was one! But with the latest executive order of the president, we may need the emphasis again on that there are men and women. Two genders:)


  3. I am known for misplacing hats and umbrellas, so I wouldn’t be buying such an expensive hat. Better cheaper and functional and then I can lose them to my heart’s content…


    1. Haha, am also one who keeps losing things. Now we have more closet space it gets more complicated. I bought a new jean jacket, only to find the one I was looking for, weeks after in another closet!


  4. Yes! I kind of feel I’m at the age where I should be paring down my collections instead of buying more. I do splurge somewhat on food products and I buy new clothes when needed but otherwise, I just “window shop” the rest.


    1. Oh, food, never too much! Since we lived in North CA one and a half hour from the grocery store, I buy for at least awhole week in advance.


  5. If a hat would be required at some point, may be I should begin to ask my blog friends for donations!! Since the caption, to make America great again, was so successful , may be the spin-off “Let’s make Texas great again” would have a good chance to get my hat financed, lol.


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