Came from living in an area with vineyards in
Northern California (here) and moved to
another area with vineyards in Texas!
Der Natur Donnerstag,


This area in Texas has less cattle
Sat Critters


Still will have to wait a month or so for the apple blossoms.
Actually, living at a lower altitude I may not see any apple
blossoms (since I used to live at 3000 feet)
FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

Wednesday – a few minutes of WOW Scrabble.
Pair an Alphabetical letter (Daffodil) with Of Wednesday.
Now my WOW becomes DOW
Am inviting you to do your own, ans LINK below!
Link open till Fri midnight


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Maybe not the biggest, but filled with most of the
things of our own taste in (part of) living room
Makro-Tex: Home



The click of my camera made my daughter look up
from her plate in the creperie. Of course that was the end
of fun for McKenzie. Rats, Nana, did you have to do that??
Timeless Thurs


It will be nice to see the leaves back on all trees!
Sky Watch, Weekend Reflection



This is of my stash newest photos when we went last week out of Austin’s city limits for the first time and stopped at Lyndon B Johnson City (the hometown of one of the USA previous presidents)




But the nights after sunset, can be still cold!
One Word Sun


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30 thoughts on “SIGNS OF SPRING

  1. Waaaaa I’m so late but the sight of that first photo welcomed me just on time! I love that view dearest Jesh! Those rolling vineyards are such a sight! I remember passing on some of those on our way to Napa 6 years ago. It was very memorable, just like that cute shot you have of McKenzie. Is that cheese that she’s sipping? I always always do that too at home when there’s cheese sauce involved on a dish!


    1. You crack me up Steve! Yeah you would be one who would slurp from a saucer, lol. Can’t remember what it was, but it must have been something with liquid – we were in a creperie restaurant celebrating Hubby’s birthday. I miss the rolling hills, vineyards, and trees.:)


  2. Beautiful photos, a lovely view from your home, I miss the spring too. Wishing a pleasant weekend.


  3. Nice pictures! I think there are a lot of vineyards in Texas . The last time I lived there was in a city named Grapevine.


  4. Apple and Pear blossoms will soon be arriving here on the farm. Great photos and fun to see Makenzie. Thanks for linking up.


  5. Thank you Marriette! Apple blossoms have a special memory. In high school one beautiful day, we were sent out outside for art class to sketch whatever we wanted to, and my friends and I ended up on a hill overlooking an apple orchard. We talked about “deep” things teens can philosophize about, and hastily sketched something for the last ten minutes before going back to school:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Deborah – this view somewhere on the Latrobe Road, a long, very windy windy road between Sacramento and Pioneer. My daughters avoided that road, because it made the kids carsick.

      Liked by 1 person

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