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This week am taking you to Carrera, Tuscany in Italy


After a dizzying incredibly tight corners,
that made me scream, “don’t take that corner,
this is not our own car!” we left Carrera’s town center,
and followed instructions to get to the marble mines.
Always was interested in the marble statues of DaVinci, etc.


Wow, that looks like snow … in the Mediterranean,
in summer? My camera saw more than my naked eye…


The “snow” were the pieces of marble they had hacked off.
Had mixed feelings in choosing between all the beautiful
marble statues I had seen in the art books, and marble
slabs in houses as in counters, pillars, and walls I
had seen in Southern California
But these mountains being cut..
Wow, mining marble really has an effect on the landscape.



Looking down



But to put it in perspective. This is how big those pieces are.



Here even more in perspective. Only two pieces on a long bed truck



A nice view downward of this old Roman aqueduct,
Looked up the difference between a bridge and aqueduct.
The latter is something that spans a ravine,etc.,
and water passes over it..



Skipped going into the mines itself, because for
a lover of nature that could be depressing! 
Spent 5 minutes in the shop, where they had
examples of what was made from marble.
Did not see anything to my liking enough
to pay the price:)
Then we drove off, back to our hotel in Lucca.
(1 hour West from Florence)



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  1. I would SO love to travel there and spend time…not just a brief visit! How amazing the things you’ve seen. But the roads…oh my! I would be skeeeered! Hugs!


  2. Your post reminded me of a place called Marble Shipwreck Reef in the Red Sea near Jeddah. It’s popular for divers and snorkeling. A ship laden with heavy marble sunk there and has become a flourishing reef. The marble slabs are visible at the bottom of the sea.


  3. yes, well when you think of all that marble being hacked off in the name of building or art…but then we do that with lots of things. Tried to link up, but said the linky subscription had expired…..??? Have a great week!


    1. Actually it was not that quick of a trip – it was most of the day. Just forgot to take Pics on the way, because I was mesmerized with the landscape, and talking to Hubs about my ambivalence about “destroying” the mountains, lol..


  4. The aqueduct is beautiful and a tribute to the Roman architects. It is sad to see how the marble mine disrupts the environment. Strip coal as well as rock mines can remove entire mountains. Over half the floors in our Florida home are travertine, “poor man’s marble,” which also is used to pave our outdoor patio, where marble would not withstand the elements. We enjoy the beauty and the utility nonetheless.


  5. Jesh, as I wrote in plural: ‘Where WE lived and worked…’ In the Venice area that is.
    On my blog under the label: Our Life in Italy you can find more info… Italian is one of my seven languages and actually a favorite!


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