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Somehow in nature there are no bad color



Pink it is!



Orange and yellow Tulips



In the beginning I had to get used to it (in California) that not all cows were spotted,
like in the Netherlands



In the past, a village was built around the church square. So wherever houses are, it means
somewhere in the middle there is a church tower.



Iconic for the Netherlands



The Netherlands has similar weather as the UK
and N. of Germany, so when there is a sunny day,
out come the cameras:)


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19 thoughts on “ALL SEASONS – MEMORIES

  1. Nature certainly knows how to put colours together! We saw fields of tulips in Tasmania, Australia. The rows of colour was amazing, with a backdrop of the blue ocean and sky. Stay safe, have a great week, and thankyou again for the link up.


  2. Netherlands is beautiful, my friend!

    We visited Keukenhof in 2019 and I was dazzled by the variety of tulips in this most gorgeous spring garden in the world!

    Happy Monday, Jesh!


  3. Hello, Netherlands is beautiful country. I had a plan to go to Keukenhof and Amsterdam last year, but we know what happened… I’m sure I’ll visit it someday.
    Stay in health.


  4. We only had three days in Amsterdam, not nearly enough so we had to toss up between the tulips and the windmills. We went windmills and it did not disappoint. Lovely pics!! I really loved Amsterdam – it’s such an under-rated (or misrepresented) destination. Such a fabulous and beautiful city!


  5. The Netherlands at this time of the year is fantastic! Went to Keukenhof – hm – 13 years ago, and will never forget.


  6. Some great memories, Jesh. I love the tulips, especially the yellows and oranges.
    I’ve gone for memories of this time a few years ago – Persian New Year


  7. Hi Jesh, how are things going after your crazy ice storms? Hopefully everything has settled down, everyone is well. We spent a few days in Amsterdam several years ago and it was the last leg of a trip before returning home. It was fun visiting Amsterdam and I wish we had more time to do some photography there.

    Maybe in the future we’ll visit again. Take care.



    1. Thank you for your concern, Gordon. Our adult children were more worried about how we would keep ourselves warm, than we were! But am glad it was only a few days. Won’t move to Alask very soon, lol! Whenever everyone can travel again, the tulips are seen end of April – mid May.The Keukenhof is a must:):)

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