Wordless Wednesday,
One Word Sunday: Spring

Even the austere on- and off ramps of the freeways seem prettier with the sun shining

musicians seem to have more energy to do new things ….

An Old Dutch (circa 1950) living room of a windmill.A hand sewing machine,
and a “modernized” oil lamp
Timeless Thurs.

a few weeks early for egg painting,
but makro-Tex needed some pastel colors:)

The daffodils are celebrating spring with their caretakers
Der Natur Donnerstag, Floral Fri Foto, FOTD

An unintended selfie
Weekend Reflection

This is a wildlife preservation area for ducks, near Vacaville, CA. Good, you cannot see the
lines of traffic right next to it:)
Sky Watch

Thanks to All the hosts

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24 thoughts on “IN – AND – OUTSIDE THE CITY

  1. I love that Dutch living room. My kind of place. I could sit there forever 🙂 Thanks for linking up.


  2. Beautiful spring photos. Everything does look prettier in the spring – new, bright, and fragile. That tree with the blossoms is just gorgeous!


    1. Thank you Laurie for coming by. When we lived in a condo, that’s when I learned to take pics like this, so you can’t see what is around the tree:)


  3. Thank you for your kind comment to me.
    The idea of you is good and I’ve already thought about it.
    But I will give up “Nature Thursday” entirely.
    However, a dear blog friend will take it over.
    I’ll announce that!
    I hope you will be there again.
    best regards


    1. Oh Jutta, you need to do what is best for you:) Hope things with your family will work out. Hope at least you stay in blogland? Regards, Jesh


  4. SIgns of spring. I love the budding flowers in the tree, and also the freeway ramps. (I’m a bit of a road geek)

    Happy WW!


    1. Haha, haven’t heard that often (roadgeek). Maybe because we lived for 30+ years in the Los Angeles basin – to go anywhere, it’s at least half an hour (sometimes due to parking!) Jesh


  5. Dearest Jesh,
    Love the antique oil lamp. Miss the two I had in The Netherlands and my best friend’s Dad made them into electrical ones. Unique ambiance…
    Sure, daffodils are the bodes for spring.
    Hugs and enjoy your Texas spring; first time…


    1. Thank you Mariette. I was surprised, now much living space there was in a windmill! Right now the weather in Texas is probably the nicest during the year, also, no mosquitoes yet!

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