Thank you for your great, interesting and witty posts of last week, bloggie friends!


Since the rules for editing have changed, and wordpress went over completely to the Gutenberg editor last
week, I tried to work for 2 whole days on imbedding the code for the photo link, and have not been able to do it.

That shows you I’m not a computer geek, like many of the wordpressors are.
Although to my surprise, when the first change in the summer came to this new block editor,
there were already 3 million wordpressors who had purchased the previous editor!!
The problem is, it costs at least $100- per year (by now I have forgotten
the specifics (if it was for a year or part of a year). Since I’m retired, our income greatly shrunk.
Sooo, that means I am joining the old fashioned way wordpress people link

(untill I figure our how to embed the linky code) WE NOW LINK by putting your permalink in your comment.
(url-date-title post/
(example of last weeks post – if I were linking to All Seasons – )
YOU LINK IN THE (that is, YOUR COMMENT) on the bottom of the post.
On WordPress I can have links in my comments,
without any effect, so no worries about that.

All Seasons runs each week from Sunday through Wednesday, midnight, Texas time
Of course the comment section stays open,
but I can’t quarantee I have the time to respond If you link later, since my weeks for memes/challenges
I participate in myself run from Wednesday to the the next

links and images of other than your own blog, is seen as advertisement, and comment will be removed..



The Grape vine stretch running from Southern California to Northern Californian prettiest in spring

Even in the city spring softens the brick and shadows are romantic, not harsh

Lake Hughes, right before entering the Los Angeles basin

One of the great places to visit are the botanical Gardens

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    1. Thank you Deborah! Everything is well with my family and I (except for wordpress!). It’s just that I am so used to finding solutions that I actually don’t want to give up. but in this case it may not be worth the time:) Thanks for asking, Jesh

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  1. Sorry, you’re having so many difficulties with the link. I wish I could help you, but I have had similar problems with my photography website. They changed a bunch of things and now I don’t know how it works. I ended up having to change a bunch of things and I am not completely happy with it. What is worse is these companies make it so difficult to get help too. Anyways, Hope you have a lovely weekend.


  2. Hello; hope your trouble get solved soon.
    And Thank you very much for your kindness for us; Miyako*


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