Dear All Season Friends,

Many thinks for your lovely, interesting and posts full of variety!
Also, for taking the change in linking so well. Greatly appreciate
it! Who knows, one of these days I will get savvy enough
to link with an image again:):) Spring is here and the weather is
getting nicer. Most of all I love the blooming trees right now..

Everyone else from wordpress who hosts a challenge or meme,
asks for “Copy and Paste” to link to their blogs, so why don’t we
do that for some time. This past week I managed to get the code
on the blog, but you see the whole code,
and it looks extremely horrible!!

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Resurrection Day is another name for Easter.
The first time Easter was celebrated, was
when Jesus who showed the greatest love
when, he laid down his life for his friends
and was resurrected from the grave.
This year’s Easter, I hope our own life will be resurrected again
and we will come to the point that we can enjoy
things we liked to do before.
Capturing my neighbor’s tree

Brushes – the bigger the painting, the more I seem to use.
I don’t ever look at the price of the brushes. Whatever I
need for a painting comes first.With the oil medium, I love
the bristle brushes, because I am hard on
them. So, when I clean them, they don’t fall apart,
or the hairs are bent out of shape.

This year is better than last, but still many planks need to be repaired.
Life is still far from smooth for many of us. The song of Simon and
Garfunkel “Like a Bridge over Troubled Water” comes to mind,
and painted it with a palette knife and brushes with the oil medium
on a 24 x 30 inch canvas.

Yet, there are still many beautiful and enjoyable things in life,
like this grandpa tree, in the summer giving shade to many cows..
After last year, we will not take these simple things for granted.

Every day is a gift. Every time the sun shines.
Every day the grass is green and leaves are on the tree.
Every time a reflection in the water is seen!

A sunset taken from my deck is beautiful
which also meant being able to see it from my living room
A pink sunset is even more beautiful:)


  1. Good morning from Japan♬
    Well, I thought it would be better to check your kind comments for me, so sorry a, so sorry a bit late ; but it has been busy for several days p:-)
    It is about my illustration. I was attracted by mainly by 2 illustrators when I was fiddling with pc many years ago.
    I sometimes check their new versions and buy some (haha, my husband roll his eye; I mean not getting angry).
    It seems writing blog got my LATE life hobby, haha.
    I truly get the motivations from your kind comments
    And wished to say “Thank you very much.” again.
    Have a wonderful spring days;
    Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


    1. PS; I truly AM impressed by your art work♬ What an artistic talent v(^_^)v
      I’ve never seen such a beautiful Pink Sunset !
      Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week;


    1. Susie I love the lantarn in the foreground! Cannot imagine how you live with Ramadan around you going on. Do you just stay inside, or? Have an enjoyable week, Jesh


    1. Smiled at your psot. You are such a people person:):) The first thing you write about your hike was meeting a person! (instead of what you are seeing around you). Have a fabulous week, Jesh


    1. Hello, Jesh. Thank you for your visit and comment on my blog. Regarding the Freddie Mercury statue… OMG. America is really hypersensitive about many things right now… Sometimes I can’t believe in some opinions when I read news from US.
      Stay in health.


  2. The pink sunset is beautiful. A real treat to see. I didn’t know that Easter was also called Resurrection Day. Makes sense. Happy Easter!


  3. Happy Easter!
    I love your painting “Like a Bridge over Troubled Water”!

    Stay healthy, Jesh! And thanks for hosting
    Best wishes


  4. I like the thought behind that painting,. Broken bridges deserve a mend and yeah there’s always scope for improvement. Beautiful pictures of the tree and sky, looked like paintings. Enjoy you easter 🙂


  5. So sorry that I cannot find the way how to link my post,
    I just post my blog,
    I REALLY AM appreciated if you can leave comment with the HRL of your blog;
    Thank you for your efforts for us,
    Lots, of Love; Miyako*


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