Walked by here three times to the bridge in Happy Isles
of Yosemite Nat. Park in California, before I decided
I probably could tackle this view. With painting I’m a little kid,
excited for every painting that turned out well. For me, it’s not
how close I can come to reality, but to catch the mood
and ambience of the scene, or with my symbolic paintings,
if I am able to capture the meanings of the sumbols.
This little plein air is 12 x 16 inch in oil. .

My “walk” (drive) through the country side.
Forever addicted to the hills. So full of variety and adventure
Monday Walk

Field of Pinecones. During our walk in the park,
we found this leftover from last fall

Wordless Wednesday, Makro-Tex: yellow
Taken somewhere in the Netherlands.

Always wondered how to give these pods of flowers a name.
Now I found it.They’re pretty Blobs:)
One Word Sunday – Blobs

Not only in front and back, but also sideways
Timeless Thursdays, Weekend Reflections

First planning to delete the pole, but then, I thought,
it belongs in this landscape
Sky Watch

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39 thoughts on “APRIL WEATHER

  1. The blob flowers are so colorful. I’m ready for some Summer color here, soon as I get some to plant. lol I’ve never planted perennials, and should have so each year I have to get annuals to plant. Getting older, and that’s becoming a chore though so it’s nice to enjoy those others share pictures of. Have a happy week.


    1. Thank you Alan -. I mostly go to photoshop to remove telephone poles and lines, but it would give a skewed perception of the depth this landscape has in this case. I don’t need a compliment, but if they like my painting, that makes me happy:) Jesh


  2. Great job on the painting, Jesh. I’m not sure the flowers qualify as blobs, but that’s okay because they’re so pretty. πŸ™‚ I enjoyed all the shots. I saw some discussion about heat. It was 93 here today. :-/ It would never have to be that hot for me but it is Arizona and the dryness makes it bearable. Anyway, I hope you’re going well. Have you considered visiting the Texas hill country? The wildflowers there are supposed to be amazing.



    1. Wow, that’s hot. Changed to shorts today, because it’s in the 80ties. Am still in that stage where I don’t know where “things” (like wildflowers) are. But we’re progressing and jazzed that Hubs could fix the air conditioning this weekend! Last year we tried it out, but the noise was so overpowering loud that I could not live with it.Oh, am glad Arizona is dry. Humidity makes all the difference!


  3. Your painting is gorgeous. I think you definitely captured the atmosphere. Those photos are beautiful views too.


    1. Littlehippiemom, hope one time I can see your blog (send me yur url, please) – thank you so much, am jazzed you like the painting! I did that one probably 2 years ago. If I would have done it recently, it probably would have been much darker:) Jesh


    1. Dear Jo, since my archives have filled up to the computer’s max, I will be showing images from where I lived before, which is in Northern California. When you find the post “Fredericksburg” – that is 2 hours from where I live now:) Oh yeah, you still live in Europe, right – 2 hours is easy for a days trip. Our drive from North California to Austin, Texas was 26 hours drive!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Ritta. Now I am glad I took so many photos living on the country side. Back then I did not know, that there are not many public flowers with flowers, and it’s largely flat here in Texas – no hills!


  4. Hi Jesh, your photos are amazing. Thank you for taking part in the Naturdonnerstag. Your field of pinecones looks a little bit like a small place in our garden, where an old pine lose its cones πŸ˜‰

    Herzliche Grüße aus Frankfurt / Germany – Elke (Mainzauber)


    1. That was exactly my thought, lol! but then I thought, I have already all my windows decorated with the sugar pinecone (which is at least 3 times longer than these). That’s when I decided this image would have to do it:) Jesh


    1. Hello Anne, have been trying to look up your blog, but since you haven’t listed it with you gravator, there are several with your name (little differences in spelling). Like to see your blog:)
      There is this meme/challenge Weekend Reflection, and at the time I took that image, its was because I lived on the coutnryside, where not many relections are available, except for in doors and on water:)


  5. Oh Jesh, your Skywatch photo is mesmerizing! I really love country scenes like these, reminds me of the times when our city was still a town and everybody knows each other. Hope you are staying safe and cool, it’s very hot here in the afternoons and even on evenings it still clocks at 35C heat index during the nightime.


    1. Hi Steve, wow, is it that warm there? Here it still does not get over 82 degr. F., bareley enough for a short sleeved top! Yeah, that was the good ole times, where everyone knew each other:) If a stranger comes to town now, you get to knwo the people in your street, but that’s it. glad to see your Timeless Thurs. is back! Stay cool this weekend, Jesh

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Thank you so much dearest Jesh and I have to be thankful that these past couple of nights were a bit bearable for me not to open my AC. but the nootimes that I have to sleep for my night’s work, I really have to open it haha

      And I am so happy to see you back there as well. Thank you so so much for always being there despite my on and off appearances on my blog it really means a lot dearest Jesh! Sending you warmth and wishes of great health and God’s blessing and protection to you and your family wherever they may be πŸ™‚


    3. Oh, you have a night job! that explains why you are not blogging as much. I was just worried (a mother’s syndrome, lol) that things were not so good. So what does your night work consists of (only tell me if it’s safe -a blog is still a public place!)


  6. Dearest Jesh,
    Yes, April weather is constantly changing its face…
    One thing I probably never ever get used to is the loud clashing colors of certain flower planting here in the USA. Versus to Western Europe where they work with one color or with matching colors in a different shade… Same for flower bouquets!
    Mariette at mariettesbacktobasics.blogspot.com


    1. Smile, you are still Dutch in your thinking (teasing). Guess my modern art side helped me with this. In my own paintings though, I would not have bright orange next to purple, or yellow, though (I better look at my paintings to check if that is true, haha)/

      Liked by 1 person

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