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The reason for this rainy trip was to go to the hospital.
But soon, when I saw these beautiful hills 2 years ago,
(hubby had to go through surgery) my worries
faded into the background of my mind, and I thoroughly began
to enjoy the landscape where we were driving through.

Always thought that forty five and ninety degree corners were
in places like Switserland! to my surprise,
we drove through these landscapes on the way to the hospital
an hour away from where we lived. It was the area of the
infamous Andreas fault ) considered very dangerous
because of earthquakes. Actually not long ago
it was discovered that this fault line
reaches all the way down to Los Angeles.

When I saw this tree at the hospital I was smitten!
This is how I imagine heaven to be:)
Am not even one whose favorite color is pink.

These are probably Camellias. The leaves are still wet from rain.

It looks like a fairy tale to me, and my camera kept clicking..



  1. For Jim Barlas : I don’t know why wordpress did not leave you a reply space for me to reply to you, beut meanwhile I visited you and left a comment! Many thanks, Jesh


    1. Am smiling! I know for the ones who do not eat curries, it’s just a little thing, but for you discovering
      these curry trees were so important. Thank you for sharing ith with All Seasons!! Jesh


    1. Am so happy for you Pat, you could be with your family and make all the Easter goodies. I know this means the world to you! Have a bright and beautiful week, Jesh


    1. Oh sorry, Ken, these are the hills of the Californian mountains (above the San Andreas faulut from North to South of the same state. Hope you are not disappointed that it’s not in Texas! The woordstork, Am. Kestrel, and Alsaakan husky were the highlight for me, Jesh


    1. Thank you for showing the beautiful yellow of the daffodils with the blue grapes, as well as the pink little pretties with us, Ritta. Beautiful captures, Jesh


    Dearest Jesh, Oh, I wonder if the pink flower would be “cherry blossoms”. We have one tiny Camellias tree in our tiny garden. And we enjoyed the flower for a little while.
    And I love to see your GREAT pictures of of the landscape, I wish I had the talent. haha ♫♫♫
    I DO hope your husband’s physical condition will be get well soon!
    Thank you very much for the wonderful art and art and loved to see the same flower is blooming in your garden (maybe)
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

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    1. Thank you, Miyako. Yes, everyone seems to agree, these are cherry blossoms! My hubby is okay now! Many thanks for showing the Mandarin couple ducks! Indeed, so beautiful:) 🙂 Jesh


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