The city becomes much more friendly with nature in between the blocks
of concrete, brick, and steel.

Wordless, PhotoAWeek – Open, Floral Fri Foto. FOTD

Could not resist, when seeing her dad’s eyes, just as curious
as his daughter, what in the world her present would be.
One Word Sun -Touch

Roasted chicken Provencale with vegetables
Make enough for your whole family in one dish.
Red (cut all vegetables bitesize) potatoes, red onion, yellow
summer squash, mushrooms,red bell pepper and small piece of chicken f
or each person in middle of dish.(Mix in a small bowl and brush it on)
1/4 cup olive oil, 2 teasp. of basil, 2 teasp. of thyme,
1/2 teasp.salt, 1/4 teasp. black pepper, 3 cloves garlic minced.
Bake at pre-warmed 375 degrees F. for sbout 1 hour and 30 min.
Cover with foil for one hour. Chicken and veggies are fork tender
and juices run clear.Tasting delicious!
Makro Tex

Some wonky reflections in these windows of the museums

Busy Sky
Sky Watch


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18 thoughts on “CITY BLOOMS

  1. I do believe that plantings in public areas do much for the public good. It softens the landscape and induces a better frame of mind.
    The one photo with the dad and the daughter and the look they had is great. I finally gave in and started trying to tutor elementary school kids online. Oh wow is it hard! In person, there is a spark which enlivens both parties. Online, I’m just another talking head. Can’t wait to start working with kids in person again.


    1. Oh, that would be hard! Can you make use on-line of images or cartoons to keep the kids attention? I commend you for tutoring. Many kids need it. My grand kids are home schooled, and both my daughter and her kids like it (they are also better behaved!)


  2. Seems like I’m getting more flower shots in the city than the desert this year. Not a good year for wildflower blooms. I like your sky shot. Very pretty!


  3. Hi Jesh, love your photos. I remember blooming trees, when we once where in California. But it was in September. I don not know the name of these trees.
    Thanks for being part of “Der Naturdonnerstag”.


    1. Thank you Elke. You are running DND, as if you have run it for years! My compliments:) These might be cherry blossoms (am the worst with plant names, lol) Have a lovely weekend,


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