Thank you so much for your beautiful and ingenious posts last week!
They are the enjoyment of my week!

Join All Seasons this week which runs from Sunday to Wednesday midnight,
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Dear All Season-ers.
A change is coming up. I have too many new projects
that take up too much time to regularly post every week.
I don’t know how long it will take me to get back to
regulary weekly posting, so thought it would be best to
give All Seasons to one of you. Preferably one who does not have
a meme/challenge yet:)
Please let me know by email (
if you are interested, and probably next week (or the week after)
I will say goodby to All Seasons and announce who will continue.


Some poetic and stunning views I hold dear.
These probably will not come back in
my life. Am fortunate I still can look at them digitally.

This will probably be the most beautiful and peaceful trips
to the grocery store ever in my life.

Blue Rosemary – the previous owner must have loved
because this was next to the Wisteria with similar colors.

Sugar pine cones, they were about 15 inch,
not exaggerated!

Love the angle of this hill

This is near the third bridge of Bridal Veil Fall in Yosemite
Nat. Park. Made a plein air of this view. At some
point (when I am satisfied with my painting) I’ll show it to you.

ENJOY your LIFE to the fullest!

42 thoughts on “ALL SEASONS – SUN AND SHADOW

    1. If you weren’t so busy, I would have asked you! My second thought was, no you already have so much on your plate,and I want you to have enough time for your art! Someone will pick continue it:) Jesh


    1. Please give your name, so everyone knows who you are, and your perma link so we can visit you, including me:} Than you and have a great week,


    1. Had the hardest time to come to that moment of giving up. Now I ve done it, I feel much more at peace. Everyone is replacable at some point! Am not disappearing from blogland! Jesh


    1. Thank you so much, Miyako! You are so welcome! Am happy, at least I met you from Japan, and I have learned several beautiful things from your culture! Jesh


    1. The projects I am talking about will take at least a year to be able to have the weekly time constraints of a meme added. Looking forwared to your future visits! Jesh


    1. With this bridal veil, I understand why they chose this name, for it is very high (like a long train), and what you see is not the waterfall, just one of the run-offs.Many thanks for your captures of that beautiful waterfall! Jesh


    1. Am not disappearing from blog land, just irregular for a year:) I just am not able anymore to run as fast as a decade ago, haha. Thank you for your happy wishes, Jesh


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