Taking a few steps back in blogging, to have more time for some art projects:)

So, I will not be on here every week, just being very busy!

A door of one of the musea in Huntington Library Gardens, Pasadena, CA

Don’t remember which building this is. The door on the left

Thurs. Doors

8 thoughts on “DAN ANTIONS THURS. DOORS – APRIL 29

  1. Good ones, Jesh, and brings back good memories of visiting there some years ago. Take the time for your projects. They’re much more important than blogging all the time. Many blessings on whatever you’re working on.



    1. Thank you Janet. So true, it’s more important than blogging thank you for the blessing:). Sometimes I am too responsible, lol! Hope you are adjusting well to AZ, it keeps being in the news (election things)!

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  2. These are wonderful doors!

    I understand the need to focus on important projects, and, having seen your art projects in the past, I don’t blame you. I hope we will see you now and then, Jest. Best of luck.


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