Views of the Huntington Library Gardens, Pasadena, CA

Perfect to take a break during our 4 hour walk through the Huntington Library Garden. It’s so huge. We never managed to visit everything in one day.
Jo’s Walk

Or you wanna sit in the shade?
Der Natur Donnerstag



Oh, what is that building? The lovely red ones are in close up, below
Weekend Reflection





Lilypads are mysterious – my favorite kinda plant and flower
Floral Fri , FOTD, Makro-Tex: Outdoors



The wind makes their own art:)
Sky Watch, One Word sun


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22 thoughts on “ENJOYING THE VIEW

  1. Nice shots! The cloud reminds me of an image of an angel flying in the sky.

    Thanks for your comment!
    The news media love to make covid-19 seem worse than it is. That’s why I hardly ever watch it anymore. I just look at the COVID numbers as a percentage of the population. In India for example pneumonia and even diarrhea kills more people than COVID.


  2. I also love seeing lily pads. They are mysterious to me. I like the giant ones I have seen in photographs. Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend.


  3. Wow! A 4-hour walk through a library garden and you did not see the whole thing? That’s amazing. Beautiful photos. The sky did make its own art.


    1. Four hours zip by as I am also clicking the camera:):) Doesn’t that cloud in the sky looke like an angel? Enjoy your weekend! Jesh


  4. Hi Jesh,
    the red ones we call Fackellilien (Kniphofia praecox). Thanks for this beautiful walk und for being part of “The Naturdonnerstag”.
    Herzliche Grüße – Elke (Mainzauber / Frankfurt)


    1. Thank you Elke. You would like it (It is an hour or so, North of Los Angeles). It is so huge, we have not been able to see the whole garden in one day (including the mesuems or the international library)!


    1. Thank you for coming by, Deborah! Have extremely large archives, so this is still California -at the Huntington Lib. Gardens in Pasadena. So, no idea if they’re here in Tex too:)

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