ALL DOORS, ALL STORES ARE ESSENTIAL! Love this door from our friend’s house Simple, but to me an essential door Door of the art supply ware house is the most essential for me! They have one of the largest supplies in pastel colors and brands, as well as art papers, and easels. There is almost always a sale going on – heaven! Thurs. Doorshttp://nofacilities.com Continue reading DAN ANTIONS THURS DOORS – ESSENTIAL DOORS

ROW, ROW YOUR BOAT (Netherlands)

Thurs Doors, go to the next post Near Arnhem about 1 1/2 hours from the German border. This is the Open Air Museumwhere you see houses and life as in the previous centuries. Really a fun outing,and kids friendly. You can also have lunch and pastries there, and shops with kitchen and fabric items.You see the grey windmill in the background? Since the roads are … Continue reading ROW, ROW YOUR BOAT (Netherlands)


In the Open Air museum near Arnhem in the Netherlands, another large outdoors facility where you can endlessly walk and explore what styles in architecture and daily life culture (including food) it contained in previous centuries. Must see! The roof tatcher rolling out a new roll, to cover parts that were damaged. Do you see the doors on the right? Thought the bridge frame was … Continue reading DAN ANTIONS THURS.DOORS – MAY 6


  Your images were lovely, interesting, and great to read and view. Thank you so much! This is going to be the change. Am introducing with joy Lydia C Lee, at pandoraandmax.blogspot.com who is going to be your next host of All Seasons! A grand applause to her and my sincere wishesof success, and that she will take All Seasons to ahigher and even greater … Continue reading ALL SEASONS – THINGS UNSEEN