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This a post from my archives. Never published it because these last years
times and opinions have been so volatile and aggressive.
Didn’t want to scare you off with my own thoughts. That is what these are.
My own opinions.
You don’t have to agree, or even react to it (except the images:)
My main point is not all things that are seen, or are the picture of reality..
Some things from the unseen realm, are true as well.

Like this lady with her eyes covered. All she sees is that it’s dark. No, it is not!


Things unseen do not make them non-existent, but yet many think
only visible things constitute what is real. for example
 God does not involve himself in politics.
Therefore, state and religion should be separated.
How come then, that in the Bible are two books solely about Kings –
rulers of countries,
Daniel (the Babylonian Empire) and Isaiah (the Hebrew Nation),
considered prophets, working in high positions
of the government? They interpreted the dreams of these kings,
and gave them advise,about what they heard from God. 
Meaning, God told them his opinion about political situations!


We have to search a matter, or mystery, out.
That is, independent from what you hear on the news.
You won’t eat just anything that is set in front of you,
do you?

At night (Feb 12, 2018), while making myself ready for bed,
I suddenly “saw” as in a vision,
Obama above me- laughing happily, looking over a rim,
while I was down in a pit. At least that is what it looked like.
Next moment, looking around me, I saw Donald Trump –
down – also in the large pit.

Then I heard

“Like with Daniel, the ones who thought and sought to trap Trump,
think they have reached their goal,because he (Trump) arrived
in the lion’s den.But they do not see that I,
the Lord, have muzzled the lions, and they cannot sink their teeth in Trump,
as they expect. I will render the lions frozen, unable to move, and silent.
They will not be able to carry out their fear -and negativity tactics.
For Trump is my anointed** one, and he attributes honor and glory to me.”

Am I a prophet? I don’t think so. But I do ask God questions, and he often answers me.

This rose was in my birthday bouquet. You see the rose, without a stem?
Huh, a rose should have a stem!
But I don’t see a stem, so it can’t be true!
The same is for the vase, that was holding the bouquet. 
Do you know what I mean?

This is what happened
This post has been sitting from that time on (Feb.2018)  in my lists of drafts.
I wanted to be sure if this was going to be true or not.
It all has come out accordingly. First there was the Russian connection,
then there was the Mueller investigation, Since there have been twice
impeachment hearings. Whatever they will investigate
will end up in nothing – that’s what I expect
You might think,what all does it matter now he’s not at the White house
anymore? Don’t be so sure of that. I think he may have another term.

My serious good bye post to do some time consuming art projects,
I took as an opportunity to give you a view of the unseen realm,
which is greatly inspiring to my art..
Fortunately there are also still plenty of beautiful things on this earth!





    1. Thank you Amalia! Your posts wer always so cheerful aand cute, and different. I really have enjoyed it. Hope you’ll come and visit here once in a while:)


    1. Thank you for your unwavering presence at All Seasons! I will miss your interesting posts! You aw welcome to visit me anytime, since do stay in blogland! jesh


    1. Klara, your blog has blossomed into a beautiful one, and aam happy you chose All Seasons as one of your ways to blossom:) Thank you for all the many beautiful places in Poland yous showed. Have a fantastic week, Jesh


    1. Am so happy you joined us! And thank you for so many wonderful images, and at times also the funny ones! Gretly appreciated, and hop you will stay in touch with my blog. Have a beautiful week, Jesh

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  1. Hi, I AM so thankful for your kindness for me;
    I know my English and understanding is not perfect and must have confused you sometimes.
    I was really waiting for your sweet comments which truly made me happy; as you pointed out things I felt thankful for.
    I truly feel appreciate your hosting All Seasons; and Take Care wishing you will have a bright and happy life ahead;
    From Japan; Miyako*


    1. Dear Miyako, am so grateful I learned so much of your culture. Since English is also my second language, I was less confused than you might have thought. It is not an easy language! Many thanks for all the beautiful posts you sent! Hope you visiti me sometimes:) Jesh


    1. Thank you Carol, All Seasons was a pleasure to do! The light Amaryllis is gorgeous! The name Frangipani really expresses the beauty and versatility of these flowers. The greatest asset is these stand in your own yard! Have a beautiful week, Jesh


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