Why blog?
Started as a record for my art for friends and family. Slowly blog land became bigger, since I like a variety of subjects. The memes and challenges are  a great diversion as well as inspiration.

Short History
The Netherlands is my country of origin, and am still a Dutch citizen. Have lived in California for over 3 decades.  Also lived in Indonesia, and Germany. Traveled in most countries of Europe, and in 4 cities of China’s mainland.

My Interests
Have a Dutch degree for Teaching arts, and a doctorate in Clinical Psychology  from the USA and worked in California as a psychotherapist. Now I am retired,  my focus is on painting in (mostly) oil, pastel, and watercolor.
Any artist dabbles in more than one art. Even though I have taught workshops, and paint plein airs on vacation, most of my work I have done are in revelational art (meaning that the paintings are about what God reveals to me).
August 2020 we moved to Austin Texas where a new adventure is awaiting us. The first is how to know to keep those pesky mosquitoes from biting me:)

During 2015- 2020 painted two 9 x 7 feet and one 10 x 17 feet canvases in oil, after a 30 x 40 feet art studio was built in the forest at 3000 feet.
Never could have done this without the help of my hubby, who also built the cabinets, and a mobile staircase to paint these big paintings.
Most of my art is displayed at http://artnotes2016.wordpress.com
Moved from analyzing, observing, and diagnosing,
to observing and expressing in color and lines. I like the change.

Now, let’s blog!