This link is to my display of my most important paintings. Click here ArtNotes2016

To navigate on the Artnotes blog – have organized them in subjects. To get to the subjects – scroll down till the very bottom, and you will see the posts of the subjects  listed. Just click on them, and it brings you right there.


Notice 2 things

*to take a photo without my permission,
*and to post it anywhere, is illegal and violence of copy right © StGermain
Please, don’t steal!

If you have any questions or comments, please return on the site
http://thejesh,  since I watch the comments here more closely.
Yes, you can purchase my paintings, or a print. No use listing prices, because prices fluctuate almost by the month.

PLEASE give me your email, since I like to have business separated from my blogs. Thank you. My current email is (You will see the name Saskia van Buren, but that was only to get more “space” at yahoo). It is still Jesh StGermain (also called Junieper2 for all the link lists throughout the week.

Am excited you get to enjoy the paintings!