Always interesting new things to see at this museum.

For One-Liner and Sunday One Word
This park has at least three museums. That makes me think of homophone. Johnnie had his tooth pulled yesterday, and could not say the letter “h“. He said to his mom, “That tree is green.” Mom smiled and said, “The three is not green, they are yellow.
Johnnie yelled, “No it’s green. “Smiling again, mom responded,
“It is not “is” but “are.”

Johnnie pulled his mom to the tree. “See, the tree is green.”
Mom chuckled, “Oh, that is what you meant. You’re right,
this tree is green. But do you you see those three there?”
and pointed to the three statues.
WHERE?” Johnnie pouted. “I am counting six.
Mom sighed, “let’s get some ice cream!”

One Word Sunday  MAY 3,
#One LIner, April 29








Never thought about it, but in the Dutch language Division and Floors
are considered as associative words, like synonyms.
Don’t know if this is the same in the English language.
Division, One Word Sunday April 26



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