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The question this week is – do we let nature go its course?

Would we change the course of the river?
I hope it’s yes if it keeps overflowing and flooding farmland or houses!




What about the rosemary bush? Since it’s in my yard, I would like to keep
it trimmed, so it does not overgrow and squash other plants …



When I searched my files for something on the same subject, I found this.
Till 4 years ago, I lived in big cities.  I had seen hedges and fences, as a separation from the side walk and around buildings.  A while ago when I participated in a challenge about fences, there was this comment of someone who lived on the country side, paraphrased, “We are proud of our fences.”

Huh, why? When I asked this person, she replied, “because fences protect.”
I did not really understand the importance of this statement, till I heard the following story.
Here on the country side, land parcels are not nice and square. One’s property line, maybe in the middle of the street, or going in what is now after so many decades someone else’s yard.

A small feud began when a neighbor across the street opened the fence of the neighbor on the lower end, to let the deer get through. This neighbor thought that she had “the right” to open that fence across the street, because technically it was her property.

The neighbor on the lower end often leaves for days, because of work elsewhere, had that fence locked down. He made sure the neighbor across the street would understand, he did not want the fence being opened.
When once again he found his fence open, he got upset. Even more, when he heard the reason. Deer can jump 6 feet, and his fence was about  4 feet tall, so what the neighbor across the street did was totally unnecessary, leaving his property unprotected for days.
His solution was a lock, almost impossible to open and security cameras.

Then it began to dawn on me how important fences are. Some people think the whole world is theirs, and don’t think about what stress, or even damage it may cause for others. Fences are useful to remind them to stay out.

What do you like to “trim” regularly?




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